A Word from the Heads

Twice a week (sometimes three times when we want to really get it going) the chocolate heads hold rehearsals for their up coming show. over a 2 hour period you can see them polishing this years act. at the end of every rehersal we like to reflect on the proceedings of the show thus far and just get out all those feelings that need to be verbalized. This weel we have Chocolate head Kareem Alston. This is Kareem’s first year with the Heads and with fresh legs and break dancing skills like his, Kareem is sure to be a fixture in performances to come.


“Chocolate Heads fills the void that i felt freshman year at Stanford. It is expression in its purest form; maintaining the individuality of the dancer while improving their technique. It opens the dancers mind about how to define what dance is and makes them see the beauty in their form and expression. Aleta Hayes is truly a genius in drawing out a dancer’s potential and giving them the confidence they need to do what they never thought was before possible. Chocolate Heads is truly a gem at Stanford”