Wednesday’s Words

appologies for the missed post yesterday there were some technical difficulties with the site. here are some words about one of the chocolate heads, Luke Yancy Junior

I am Luke Yancy, Jr., a 1st year PhD student in biomedical informatics at Stanford University and Alumnus of Morehouse College. While currently focusing on advancing my skills in the realm of academia, I still make time for my true passions, music and dance. Having been a dancer for the majority of my life, upon arriving at Stanford, I longed for a group that would allow me to express my artistic talents, while also challenging me to grow as a dancer. Chocolate Heads was the perfect group for me as I was able to combine the many styles of dance I have trained in, while also improving my technique and ability to convey emotions through dance. Chocolate Heads is not simply about “good” dancers; it’s about using one’s bodies to create artwork that evokes emotions that an audience can understand and relate to. For this reason, I am a Chocolate Head.