Founded in 2009, The Chocolate Heads is a multigenre platform for performance.  The troupe’s name is a descriptor for a “movement driven band ” comprised of dancers, musicians ,visual and writers/spoken word artists—-referencing both dance and social movements as motivating forces for the work.Other trademark characteristics of the work include original, live music emanating from the same creative impulses as the dance, and dancers who can source more than one style of movement.
Artistic director and choreographer Aleta Hayes created this collective of Stanford students and professional artists to further her interests in collaborative work with the content drawn from the performative, design and choreographic talents within the cast. Hayes utilizes her own unique compositional strategy of mining and ‘remixing ‘ those contributions in combination with the concepts and choreography that she lays down as the foundation.
This year Chocolate Heads project will use tools and concepts from ‘design thinking’ to create the performance, including special guest workshops with master facilitators from the d.school, 1185 Design, Ideo and the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.